How it Works

Want to get money fast and EZY for your unwanted gold? Then the process is simple.

Request your FREE EZYCASH Gold Kit today by completing the form on the right or by calling 09-4308085to speak to our Customer Services team.EZY!
Collect together all of your old, unwanted, damaged or broken gold and jewellery and place in the FREE Courier envelope provided.EZY!
Courier your gold to us FREE of charge. Your gold is insured for $1000- for peace of mind.EZY!
Once we have received your gold, we will contact you to agree the amount we will pay for your gold. ALL OF YOUR ITEMS ARE OPENED UNDER VIDEO SURVEILLANCE FOR YOUR PEACE OF MIND AND DIGITALLY CATALOGUED…..EZY!!
We will then process your payment for the amount on the very SAME DAY for you to spend on whatever you like!


Our Guarantee

If you are not happy with our service we will immediately work with you to solve any issues. Please contact us!!

Use the calculator to find out how
much your Gold could be worth.