Frequently Asked Questions

Is my gold insured when I send it to you?

Yes! Your items are insured for up to $1000- via our courier service.

How will I know that my items have arrived?

We will keep you informed throughout the process and will contact you with an offer once your items have arrived.

What should I do if the items I send you are calculated to be of greater value than $1000?

If you think your items of gold will exceed $1000, please contact us and we will send you another courier envelope out immediately. You can then split your items between the two envelopes.

How much will I get for my gold?

It depends on the weight and the carat of the gold. You should use the gold calculator on our website for a good indication of what you can expect to receive.

What type of gold do you buy?

We buy all gold, even pieces that are unhallmarked.

Should I clean my jewellery or take any stones out before sending them?

No there is no need to do that,just send them as they are but your welcome to remove any stones etc should you wish.

How soon do I get paid for my gold?

We will process your payment within 24 hours from receiving your items and you agreeing with the amount.

Why should I deal with Ezycash Gold Buyers?

We offer top rates paid for your gold and endeavor to provide a fast friendly service for you as our customer

Use the calculator to find out how
much your Gold could be worth.